Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The moment

An evening planned, typical expectations. Show up, perform, and then go home. Pulling into the driveway, something seemed different. Getting out of the car, reaching over to grab the container of an array of fun devices.

Walking up the path to the house There was a feeling in the air that sent a shiver down my spine. Knocking on the door, it opened and she let me in. Now we've played before, however this time as she walked away in front of me, I could see how she moved, how her cute little ass swayed side to side as she walked. It was different, she knew why I was there, and without words felt her desire.

Off to the bedroom I went, setting up the scene that was to be in a few moments, all the while a nagging at the back of my mind. laying out all the tools of the evening, I went and let her know I was ready when she was. She had her nose in her work, I waited patiently for her, for a time. I finally got tired of waiting, went over and scooped her up into my arms and said, " Now I've waited for you long enough, you are mine for the evening remember?" She laughed and squirmed against me for a moment, pretending she was trying to get away. Something was different, I could feel her heartbeat, her breathing, the warmth of her body.

Taking her into the bedroom, tossing her upon the bed. "You really don't have much in the way of patience do you?" she asked with a laugh. I grabbed her arms and held them down to the bed, and kissed her lips, then letting my lips wander over her neck, gently sucking at those lovely places of desire. I could feel her respond, her pulse against my lips, her breathing, how her body moved to my touch. After a moment of this, I responded with a smile, " So you would rather have your nose in a book than experience this?, Everyone needs a break now and then."

She was so tense and full of stress and it showed. I put on a cd of gentle rainstorms and got the massage oil ready. Having her lie face down, I started on her legs, gently caressing her ankles and working my way up to her thighs, "I love your ass, it's so beautiful." "Makes me want to do dirty things to you," I whispered in her ear. As I touched her, and my hands made their paths over her body, I got into a rythem and then something amazing happened. It was as if time slowed down almost to a stand still, I could see my hands making their way across her body, as I touched her skin, I could see her respond to my touch. Her breathing, her pulse, her movements, it was as if she were an open book that I was reading. It was at that moment I realized something was definately different.

Working the oil into her skin, and watching her relax. I could see the tension and worries start to leave her. I desired that only my touch would remain in her mind. I had her turn over after a little while. Upon my earlier experience, I applied my new found awareness. I gently rubbed her neck, letting my fingertips lightly drag across her sensative spots, watching her move was certainly a joy. Running my hands in a pattern across her body, to a rythem she found comfortable. My fingertips gently running around her breasts, circling them, pathing to her very erect nipples. Gently licking them with each pattern. Tracing out her legs, letting my hands wander over every inch of her gorgeous body. Upon one pass of my hands, after sucking gently on her nipples, I included her pussy in the rotation. Just running my hands over the top every few passes of my hands. She began to arch her back slightly, and started emitting moans, low and gentle at first. As I progressed, she said with almost a moan,"Oh how I love it when you touch me." It was then I changed the rythem of what I was doing, and moved my focus to her pleasure.

Her body came alive in my hands, as I touched her, seeing how she responded with every touch, every movement. The way she would arch her back, how her chest moved while she breathed, the way she mouthed "oh yes" or "oh wow". Continuing to rub her body, while focused on her pussy, I could see a wave building. It started down deep inside of her, and burst through the surface, she was ablaze with desire, I could feel the heat from her body, her spasms were so intense I helped hold her to the bed so she wouldn't fall off. It was as if lightning had just struck her. Once her body calmed a bit, I laid down next to her, took her in my arms, and said, "Now that is what it means to be my sub." "Thank you sir", was her response.

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