Monday, September 7, 2009

First Love

We all have those moments, those memories we relive from time to time. This is a story of first love.

A late night rendevous. Meeting up at her house. Letting me in the door, I couldn't help but be taken in by her beauty. Such a gorgeous creature. The way she moved, the way she walked. Hips sliding side to side. I couldn't help but be aroused, this was our first meeting in person. I couldn't help but be nervous. Never being around someone so beautiful before. Couldn't look directly at her without getting lost in her eyes. I could feel a hunger in the air. She had a come hither look showing a deep arousal, the air was electric with tension. Almost afraid to touch her, afraid to offend this lovely woman. A voice so sweet and soft flowing from those full pouty lips. She smiled so tenderly at me, and her eyes told me,"It will be alright, just relax."

My fingertips touched her, she almost moaned at my touch, her soft velvet fingers touched me, electricity filled the air between us. My lips found their way to her neck, lightly brushing her ears, lifting her hair and kissing the base of her neck. I wanted to worship her body with whatever she desired. We looked into each others eyes, and we knew what we wanted. Clothes landing who knows where around the room.

My hands running the length of her body, feeling the rythem of her breathing, oh how she cooed at my touch. Our bodies touching together, it was the first time someone had touched me with such gentleness, such care. I had a hard time going home. On the journey home, I knew I was in trouble, I knew at that moment my heart and everything that I am, was hers.

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