Monday, September 14, 2009

New Territory

A date at her house, this was familar to me. I stopped off and bought a container of flowers. "I wonder what we'll do tonight?" I thought to myself. Pulling up in front of the house, the lights were on. I step around in back of the car to get her boquet ready. Upon being satisfied with how the flowers look, I make my way to the door. The screen door is shut, but the main door is open, "Hmmm odd for this time of year, it's a bit cold for that," a passing thought. Upon almost reaching the door, I hear footsteps. The door swings open and she greets me wearing almost nothing. "Oh my gosh the nieghbors gonna faint" I think to myself. All I can do at this point is stare at her lovely body. After what seems like ages pass, she says" You just gonna stare, or you going to come inside, I'm freezing." Walking through the door, she closes it behind me, and locks it. "Oh are those for me?" she asked. She takes the flowers from my hand and sets them on her little table. Wrapping her arms around me, looking into my eyes she says, "You have made me wait far too long for you this week, you're coming with me." Usually I'd been able to say something by now, but tonight was different. The excitement in me from her taking control was a very unsual sensation. She pulled me into the room, she started unbuttoning my shirt, kissing the skin underneathe it with each unbutton. Pulling my shirt almost off and halfway down, just far enough to hold my arms in place at my sides. Using her teeth undoing my pants button, and slowly pulling them down. She takes a moment to brush her face across the front of my crotch. I can't help it, the sensation that flows through me, feeling her desire, feeling her in control, taking each shoe off, all the while making sure I got a generous view of her breasts. Standing in the room wearing nothing but my shirt, she takes me by the hand and leads me to the bedroom. Reaching her bed she shoves me onto it. "You are going to be mine, aren't you?" she asked. All I could respond with was, "Whatever you want hon." My mind was racing, this was so new to me, who was this seductive, take charge woman. She looked like the same woman, but tonight, she was something new. Climbing onto the bed after me, she took her time laying soft kisses up and down my legs, her touch made me tingle. I so wanted to touch her but my shirt kept my arms put. She worked her way up my body, touching and teasing. That little thing she was wearing, she was so hot. I couldn't stand it anymore. I asked her, "Will you please ride me? I have got to have you." She smiled an almost evil grin to me, "You're mine tonight, so be good, and maybe, you'll get what you want." With hearing her response, a shiver went down my spine.

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