Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tables Turned

An evening that started out with us cuddling on the bed. It was a little chilly, so with blanket in hand, pulled it up over us. You could feel the warmth between us wasn't only body heat. My arms stretched out around her, pulling her close. "You are just so perfect" she said. I laugh, " I'm far from perfect, when I walk on water, I'll let you know." Sharing a laugh I get an urge, as I often do, slowly dragging my lips over her neck, gently kissing, gently sucking. Hovering just above her skin, so she can feel my breath. "I can feel your hot breath on my skin, it's driving me crazy" she exclaimed. "I have no idea what you are talking about, I'm just lying here, I'm innocent, my lips are the guilty ones." I say with a smile. With that I rim her ear with my lips, and gently exhale warm breath across her lobe. Her entire body shakes as the sensation is felt. She can't help but moan" Oh how I love it when you do that" as she speaks it's broken, her body is still vibrating from my touch. I can't help but laugh a little. It sounds funny like shes sitting on a washer on spin cycle. Teasing a body to my touch fascinates me. Watching the response, a body acting as though its addicted to my touch. "Hold on a second, I'll be right back." she says. I scoot over and wait for her return. She sneaks into the bed behind me and I start to turn over, stopping me she says, "My turn". With that she wraps her arms around me from behind, leans my head forward, and when her lips touch my skin. It was like an electric spark went down my spine, her lips so gentle and soft. She went up to my ear and did as I did unto her, "Amazing" I whisper. "I had no idea, this is how it feels." She replies, "You deserve it, you always make me feel so good. Now lie there like a good boy and enjoy my touch." All I could do was answer with a "Yes Ma'M." Running her lips down my back, her hands stroking my chest, even stopping to play with my nipples. For the first time, I had an orgasm without cuming. "You like this don't you." she asked. The only reply I could manage was "Yes, Thankyou."

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