Thursday, September 3, 2009


There are so many things to explore. So many avenues pleasure can take. Communication is key to it all. What is ok to some, might not be for others. Each time with a sub is a learning experience for me and for them. I so much enjoy bringing what they enjoy, what they crave, what they need. I get to experience this with them. To obverve them taking in all of that stimulation, watching them relax and let it overtake them. For them to trust me with this position is an honor. It is not one I take lightly. It is my place to fullfill desires. To bring good emotions and feelings to bear.

Oddly enough there have been times, a healing has taken place. Where they have been sad depressed downtrodden. This is one of those times.

A woman who had been exchanging messages with me for awhile seemed a little down one evening. I inquired to what was wrong. "I'm not sure." She replied. "I just have this funk that I just can't shake." I had a twinge of intuition to what was going on, but even I had no solid idea really what was causing it. "Why don't you come over and we can hang out and talk about it," I mentioned to her. "Nah, I think I'll just hang at home," she said. "Alright but if you need anything, you know where to find me." Upon hanging up the phone, I had a real feeling of sorrow overcome me, and it wasn't pleasant, so I picked up the phone and called her back, hmmmm no answer. I thought to myself, " Well she isn't that far away, maybe I'll drop in on her and see how shes doing. Take her a rose. That should cheer her up. Just drop it off and go. Be worth it to see her smile." So I hope in the car and make a few stops on the way, I snagged her favorite chocolates and a single rose in a little glass vase. She always had a thing for these pink roses, and I just so happened to find one at a little corner store on the way. Going up her steps, I felt that same feeling of sorrow again, this time much stronger. To my surprise a tear streaked down my cheek. "What is going on here, this just doesn't feel right." So I rung her doorbell, a man comes to the door and says, "May I help you?" "Yes you can,"

Now this is where I have to lead up to this moment, you see she told me all about a situation she had with a bad master, who liked to abuse his submissives. Through much conversation with her, I knew what he looked like, and I also knew what he had done to her in the past. I promised myself if I ever met him, I wouldn't kill him. But it wasn't till this moment I knew what I would do.

"Yes you can," as I stepped through the doorway pushing him back with my hand as he resisted. While setting my presents down on the table near the door I said calmly"You see, I know who you are, what you have done, and I also know you're not welcome here. So I give you this chance, walk out that door, now, and I won't kill you." I so wanted him to stay there standing like a moron with this dumb look on his face. I got my wish. He proceeded to bring up his fist to me, I let him hit me square, because I was ready. Now if only I could have had a camera to record the look on his face at that moment. "You done?" I asked, "Well I warned you, time for my fun." Spinning him around and locking up his arms, I make my way to her bedroom to find her chained to a barrel with whip marks all across her back, some were just starting to ooze. I really had to restrain myself from breaking his arms, I so wanted to. She was gagged and crying. The idea struck me, I grabbed some rope off of the wall of the dungeon/bedroom and bound his arms. Then bound them to his feet. I thought sailors could swear, and I asked him to not swear in front of the lady and he continued, I took a finger and pressed it deep into a point on his neck, until he cried, "Now, you will listen to everything I say, or I will break you, do you understand?" no answer, I pressed again , "OWE, alright, alright" Sit there and be quiet. To see her chained up in this way, for this purpose, was a little much for me to handle. I asked her if she was ok, she was sobbing so much, all she could do was nod. "Where is the key to this chain" I asked him. "I lost it." he sneered. "I don't have time for this." I lifted the barrel with her attached to it and allowed her to slide off of it, now she wsa still bound, but not to the barrel. I walked with the barrel in hand over my head to the man in question. "You know I should make you and this barrel close personal friends." Slamming the barrel down intothe floor in front of him, it splintering into pieces and chunks of wood, he yelped. "Now it's your turn." I grabbed him up, and hoisted him over to the bench, and tied him to it. Once tied and threat neautralized, I tended her. "Are you ok ,do you need to go to the hospital, or to call the police?" I asked. She replied,"No I'm ok, but this asshole won't seem to get the hint, I told him I had a new master, and he told me I'm his forever, that he owned me. He said he just wanted to talk, but he just wanted me to let him in to punish me." This got me to thinking and what happened next, well even shocked me a little bit. "Well let's get you out of these." I stated. "Prick here won't give us the key, so.... hmmm. I'll be right back." You see, I'm a jack of all trades and I always have something lying around. Just so happens today, I had the right tool for the job, so after cutting her out of the chains, I asked, "So what we going to do with this poor excuse for a man. You know you really are a waste of skin." I told him. "Abusing a lady this lovely and sweet. You are very lucky I don't have time for court, or I'd killed you where you stood." He would have answered, but to my surprise she had already put a ball gag into his mouth. So I took her cue and got him tied proper to the bench, he was stuck in the doggy position. Little did I know what was to come later on. She grabbed her flogger, her favorite one, the really heavy one and stared at it. I looked at her and then at him and I nodded. "But first things first.... , this does have to be consensual, otherwise I cannot be a participant, so whatcha say mack, you wanna be her toy?" I motioned to her, she took the gag loose for a moment, " Are you crazy, I'm calling the police as soon as I'm out of here," he threatened. "Here are your choices, you let her play with you and you sign a waiver to that effect, or ..... I will call the police myself, and tell them the whole thing with her marks and me as witness. So you can play with her and go free, or end up in a jail cell and I'll make sure I let some friends of mine know, you're sweet tight virgin ass is coming to play with them." He thought about it for a moment and got really angry, "Alright I'll sign, just get it over with." So upon his signing of the agreement, she went to work. You know as many times as I've used that toy on her with much care, I've never heard it make those sounds as it did coming down on his skin, luckily he has the ball gag in. Kept the noise down to a minimal. I could see the fire in her eyes as she got into it, and I had to step in at one point, and grabbed her hand. " You are not him, remember that. Don't get carried away," I warned. "You are right, I'm sorry," she said.

She left the room for amoment and came back with a device I've heard about and seen but not up close. It's a strapless strap on that fits, you know where, so she can do you know what. He got one look at that and started screaming, well kinda. I held up the waiver in my hand and pointed to it and he just hung his head in submission. What happened next was kind of arousing to watch in a wierd sort of way for me. I for one never witnessed a woman using a strap on on a guy, let alone one tied in this fashion. She really enjoyed it, she had a smile the whole time, she even reached around and played with him, while she was thrusting. There was a moment during it all, where he relaxed and quit struggling. Almost as he started enjoying it. He started to moan and she was telling him, "Now whose the bitch, who owns who now!" She grabbed his hair jerked his head back, and started thrusting even harder, his whole body started to convulse and spasm. He went totally limp. I was concerned for a second, so I walked over and checked his pulse, still alive, that's good. So as agreed, we untied him and left him to get dressed. He didn't say a word he just picked up his clothes, and walked out the front door to his car, got in and drove away.

I had my chance at that moment to talk to her, "You really ok there hon?" I asked. "Yes, more than ever" as she smiled. "Thankyou for being there for me." "Not a problem at all," I said as i handed her the presents I'd gotten for her. I stayed a few days with her, to make sure all was going to be ok, and he never returned.

I was at a party one evening, and I saw her coming through the door. I've seen her many times before, but today she walked with a different flavor. She was confident, sexy, desirable. When I was done drinking her in, I noticed she had someone with her. I nodded at her and she lit up like a christmas tree, that smile of hers, the most radiant I've ever seen. She came over to me with a hooded figure chained at the wrists. "Want to see my new toy?" She asked. "You know, I really love your new outfits, so you have a new toy you say? Sure let's have a look" She pulled off the hood, I almost couldn't keep my composure as I chuckled to myself.

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