Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A little creativity

Arriving as I usually do with my suitcase full of goodies, (who knows what she tells the neighbors) I have a diabolical plan forming in my mind. We have played several times now, and it is time to torture her with pleasure. So as usual she has her nose in her work, and I set up the scene, this time however I take the ropes I've brought, concealed, and trace them under her bed and tuck the ends away so they can't be seen. This time, I just go out there and lead her by the hand back to the bedroom. Upon entering, I grab her around the waist and hoist her into the air. "I feel so light and tiny compared to you. No one I know can toss me around so easily." she stated. "It's just your imagination, I'm really just a weakling, my muscles are all prostetic," I smirked. She giggled and with that I gently sat her down on her feet. "Now why are you still dressed, " I playfully demanded. "You know the rules, I come over and your clothes are to come off." "But I was working in front of the window in the living room," she said defending herself. "And that get's you out of it how? Now I expect you to be showing that sweet little ass while I'm here." with that, I gently tapped her bottom with my hand. "Now get to it." You'd think a woman would be mad at being talked to that way. Normally maybe, but we've had this conversation before, and she was grinning ear to ear. Of course she had to take her sweet time and tease me with her body while she did it. I couldn't let on that drove me nuts, but I think she knew anyways. As she gently slid her shorts down, revealing that tiny thing some like to call underwear. I've seen hankerchiefs with more fabric in them. The way they hugged her hips, and plunged over her ass, it was like seeing a masterpiece of art for the first time. For a moment I forgot why I was there, and what I was doing. "So you just going to stare at me all night" she quipped with a smile, snapping me back to purpose. "Can I help it you are such a gorgeous thing. know what is better than getting to look upon you?" I asked. "Whats that?"she replied. "Watching you respond to me, and respond you will tonight." I said with a sly grin, lowering my voice at the end into a seductive growl. Her body shivered at my statement, she knew she was in store for something, she just didn't know what.

"Ahem, you're overdressed for the occasion, now get proper and get up there." I barked semi sharply, "I grow impatient with your stalling," I said playfully stern. "Now lie on your back and scoot over here, close your eyes, you're about to get a surprise." I brought the "toy" from under the bed where I had it hid, and turned it on, she had never had this particular toy before, so she didn't know its sound. I gently appied it to her special places and she about jumped off the bed, she then settled into slow rythemic gyrations while the device was in contact with her. I did it very lightly and took frequent breaks, I handed it to her, and said "Here you take this for a moment and you can't cum for the moment." "It will be hard but I will try," she said. "You will try what?", I reminded. "I will try Sir," she responded.

While she was occupied on trying not to cum, I lassoed her ankled in rope and pulled them snug. making sure they fit just right. Once I pulled the second one to completion, she exclaimed, "What are you doing down there?" while sitting up to see what I was doing. "Now that isn't part of your instruction was it? hmmm, what shall I do as punishment, Oh I know." She was apologizing for breaking the rules and she knew she had it coming. I reached up and snugged her one arm, then the other. "What are you doing to do with me?" she asked. "Well since this is your first real disobedience, *laugh* you shall see."I stated. "Now close your eyes, and wait." I said. To mess with her a little bit, I went around my suitcase rummaging around, making comments like, that won't sting enough, hmm that might leave a mark, nah that's just too brutal for her. I walk over after a few minutes and drape a towel over her head. "Now no more peaking, time for you to pay for your crime." Taking the "toy", and placing it between her legs, I turned it on low, and pressed it snuggly against her lips. Good thing I had the forethought to tie her to the bed. She definately was lively at that. Her gentle moans grew into great expressions of pleasure. I lifted the wand from her for a moment to give her a breather after one of her orgasms. I slid in between her legs myself, and put one of her legs over my shoulder, gripping her leg with my free arm, I applied the wand again. She tried to buck off of me, but I held her tight, she knew she couldn't escape my grasp, and that power, she felt, and drove her wild. "You are so strong, holding me down, makes me so hot, no man has ever owned me like you do." she stated. "Just wait my darling, I'm just getting started." I said. With that statement she let out a laugh, "I'm in for it huh?" she asked. I didn't respond, I just worked her pussy with the wand, I pressed it hard against her little nub and she just writhed there in ectasy. With each orgasm, I took it away for a moment, and just when she thought it was over, I'd apply it again. After a few rotations of this I said, "Hmmm now let's try it on High." She wsan't able to respond at this point, other than a low moan. So I switched it up to high and applied it the same fashion as before, her legs and arms straining against the ropes, her body convulsing in orgasms. It was getting hard to tell when one orgasm started and one ended. She came to a point where all four ropes were strained, her back arched, the towel slid off her head and she exclaimed, well I couldn't make it out really and she collaspsed to the bed quivering. I turned off the wand, and slowly untied her ropes, moved her legs and arms back to normal positions. Crawling into bed next to her, pulled the blanket up over us, caressing her. She was still quivering from the experience. For awhile she didn't speak, I just held her. When she spoke all she said was "Thankyou Sir"

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