Sunday, September 27, 2009


The touch of her lips, a sensation that hadn't stirred in me since my heart was broken. For a moment, when we touched, all of the hurt seemed to melt away. Her touch was different than the others. Her hands found their way around me, she looked deep into my eyes as if peering into my soul. Holding that gaze, for what seemed like an eternity, then pressing her lips to mine. Exchanging little kisses in the moonlight, joking and laughing. Laughing until tears ran down our cheeks. A light sprang forth from the darkness in my heart, filling me with warmth. Kissing her cheek, kissing her neck, listening to her responses, reveling in those sweet sounds. Oh how I enjoy pleasing a woman. No drug on the planet can duplicate how I feel when a woman makes sounds like that. Such a beautiful woman, submitting to my touch, while I submit to hers.... that is art. Could it be love?

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