Thursday, October 1, 2009


She walked into the room, as often a person does. Without much purpose or anything out of the ordinary. Sitting at the computer working, not paying much attention to my surroundings. Coming over to me, she reaches out and grabs a hold of my chair. Spinning it to face her, she asks"So you busy?" "Never for you suga, what's on your mind?" was my reply. "Come with me, I want to show you something" she said. I couldn't help but think to myself,"Now I wonder what this is all about, man I got to get this project done before the deadline." Being led into the bedroom, she sat me on the bed and says, "Wait here." I didn't say a word, something was different, she was a little bit less submissive than in past days. Something was out of place, and I just couldn't put my finger on it. "Alright close your eyes please" she asked from the other room. "They're closed," I replied. I hear footsteps on the carpet, that soft shuffling of bare feet you can just tell. She walks to me and says, alright open your eyes. She was wearing what looked like black rubber, all tight and shiny. It looked like a single piece with several cutouts. To be honest a bikini may have had more material in it. She had on knee high boots just as tight. All of it accented with bits of chrome loops and chain with connection loops at the wrists "Do you like my new outfit" she blinked at me. For the first time I didn't have any words to speak, I sat there drinking in her body, her outfit, the way she stood, so sexy, so powerful. "Hold out your hand." she asked. Reaching out my palm, she took her hands from behind her and laid in my hands a collar. After setting it in my hands, she kneeled before me, pulled her hair up, and bowed her head. "I am yours to do with as you wish master. No one has ever made me feel as you do. You treat me with respect, honor, and love. I never thought I'd find one worthy to hold this. Today is that moment" she revealed to me. I was taken back, this woman finds me worthy? What an honor, a privilage for such a lovely woman, such a generous soul and here she is offering herself to me. She put her hands on mine and guided them to her neck, I placed the collar upon her neck, when the snaps clicked, a surge of power went through my body. This was now my responsibility, she was now mine, to look after and to care for. As my mind was taking in the experience, she brought up a leash and handed it to me. She took the end, rubbed it over her breasts, teasing me with it, then clicking it into place. When she attached it to the collar, she shuddered. I knew that shudder all too well. Taking the leash in my hand, I stood. I tugged gently on it, bringing her to her feet. Reaching under her chin to raise her head, I looked deep into her eyes. I couldn't help but notice my cheek felt cool. I wrapped my arms around her and held her close for a time. Taking her up in my arms I tell her, "Perhaps it's time for a break from work."

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