Friday, October 23, 2009


Lying there next to her, feeling her soft skin rubbing upon my own, her soft sighs of contentment. With every breath she took, I could feel her. A feeling that can't be explained by conventional means. A feeling that permeates your very being, undeniable, a feeling that is unshakable, yet indescribable. My hand tingles at the sensation of touching her. Knowing that she is next to me, brings such peace. "How does she make me feel this way?" I think to myself. She is the only woman, who has ever seen inside of me. Who has ever gotten close to me. I opened the door to my soul to her. All those years of pain and disappointment, were worth the time suffering. She is mine, and I am hers. If she was but to ask, I'd give anything of myself to her. "If she could only see into my heart, and if she only knew how much of it is hers" I gently whisper. Next to her, I feel complete, as if a piece of me that had been lost, has been found. A warm feeling fills my soul as I wrap my arms around this angel that has been given to me.

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