Friday, November 6, 2009


lying there, the fear creeping into my consciousness. To be restrained is almost a phobia with me. Seeing her work the rope with her hands, twisting it into little loops knowing that they would soon be upon me. There was a twinkle in her eyes, almost a look of great pleasure that crept into her face as she applied the rope around my wrist. Working the rope around to the other one and cinching it. Leaning in to tease me with her gorgeous breasts, gently brushing my face with them, I strained against the ropes, trying to get my lips upon those lovely mounds. Finding that she knew how far to keep them from me, and just let me dart around, trying to get a nipple in my mouth, just when I'd almost succeed she'd just pull it away expelling a wicked cackle with every attempt. "You're so cute there all tied up" she said as she smiled at me. With that statement she leaned in and smothered me with her breasts and leaned over and started nibbling on my arm, holding it down, and gently applying her teeth to my skin. My fear of the situation, quickly turned to that of desire, "What are these feelings inside of me?" Feeling as though if she didn't touch me I'd wither and die. I needed her, I needed her to touch me. Being so preoccupied with that sensation, I barely noticed her tying my feet in a similar fashion. There I was tied to her bed. She could do anything she wanted to me. Being tied up at first scared me, however with her it was different. I trusted her. I wanted to be at her mercy, she was everything to me. The desire to serve her, to please her burned at my very core. She stood there for a moment, eying me. Her smile was so beautiful. I was thankful for her, to give myself to her was such a special gift. That first sensation of her touch sent waves of sensations down my spine. Kissing up my legs, and stopping to gently nibble in the middle. Lying there, in the midst of it all, realizing that this woman was everything I'd ever dreamed of....

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