Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Beginning

Her skin as smooth as silk, running my hands so gently over her shoulders, watching as she responded to every touch. I was full of desire for her, she was so different, so exotic to me. Her lips were full and pouty, oh how I loved to watch them move as I touched her. I could get lost in her eyes for an eternity. Almost nervous with such a beautiful woman. Watching her face as I touch her. Every touch, every kiss brings with it her exhalations of pleasure. When my lips find their way to her neck, her gentle moans grow in intensity. My lips dance around her neck, and gently brushing up against her ear, she shudders. I say, "Hmmmm what's this?" while brushing my lips across her earlobe. She responds in broken english "Thaaaaats my eaaarrrrrr." Her entire body shudders as I exhale warm breath across it. "oooooo, looks like I found a new toy to play with" I say with a coy smile. "You are soooooo naughty," she says while smiling at me in my arms. "Just wait, you haven't seen anything yet," I say with a sly grin. As the last word leaves my lips, a shiver goes down her body.

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