Monday, September 14, 2009

The Ride

The day being a little hotter than in past weeks. Sweat began to form on my body, just moving from the house to the car. Not sure exactly where I was headed yet. Needing to just get out and stretch my legs a little bit. A turn of the key brought the rumble of a classic American V-8 to life. "Toyota sure hasn't been able to capture that feeling", I thought to myself. Shifting into reverse and slowly letting out the clutch, feeling the power surge through the drive train. Reaching up to turn on the stereo, music was definately a nessessity today. Shifting into 1st, and giving a little gas, screeching the tires a little bit and I was on my way. "Where am I going to go?" lingered in my mind. The miles seemed to melt away, the wheel, the seat, and me became one, not caring where we ended up. The vibration of the motor is such a sweet sensation. Getting up to speed, taking the freeway and down goes the pedal. For a few moments I'm free. Free of all the restraints that hold us here. The hum of the road on the tires, the music of choice filling the cabin, hearing that old piece of Detroit's history purr like a kitten down the road, fills me with a deep feeling of belonging. This drive is as life, the destination isn't important, it's about enjoying the ride.

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