Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A surprise

There was this woman, we had talked for awhile online and we decided to meet. Upon meeting her at a public place, after visiting for a short time, she followed me back to my place. I opened the door for her and she came inside and sat down. Little did she know I had a surprise in store for her. I had placed a "toy" behind the chair and had it plugged in, it was sitting right behind her and she had no clue.

She came in and I sat her down on that very chair. I told her to close her eyes, and she'd get her surprise. She seemed a little anxious but she closed her eyes. I kneeled down and started gently rubbing her legs. I reached around behind the chair and put my hand on "the device". I brought it up to rest gently between her legs, "Can you feel that ?" I asked. She said "Kinda, it feels wierd." "Let me show you what this does, you ready?" I asked. "I think so", was her reply. I pressed the head of it angled down against her skirt, then I turned on the switch.

She jolted at first from the sensation, then quickly settled down against it, her first words "OH WOW" let me know what I already knew. I teased her with it a bit longer, watching her writhe under the power of its vibration. "So would you like for things to proceed?" I asked with a sly smile. Right there in the living room, she started shedding clothes and asked where the bedroom was.

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