Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The one who became.....

There is this woman, for all purposes, let's call her pet. Upon talking to her at length, she expressed desires for being someones submissive. Being reserved about the situation and nervous, I could sense there was something deeper lingering at her core. Upon discussion, it was revealed that she had tried this before, and she was victim to someone who used BDSM to cover up his urges to hurt people. This knuckle dragging ape hurt her.

It was at this point I knew I had to do something about this, but what? I felt that I needed to bring light to the darkness she knew as BDSM. I wanted to start out slow and explain things, we talked about negotiations, safe words, the color system, (red, yellow, green) punishments, and stressed again and again, if it hurts in anyway that you dont like, it isn't right. "Speak up about what you want. You have every right to have what you desire." I told her. She was relieved and surprised to find out what she experienced is not how it's supposed to be. I could see in her a desire and had an inquisitive sparkle in her eyes.

I asked her, "Now that we've talked about it, what would you like to try, or would you like more time to think about it?" "No, you are so easy to talk to, you seem so gentle, you don't seem to fit the role of a Dom or master. I trust that anything you would like to present to me would be ok." she replied.

Getting up off the couch, going into the kitchen I returned with a wooden spoon. "Here, you go"I said, "What am I supposed to do with this?" She asked. "Here let me show you. Now the first rule is to address me as sir or master. There is a difference, but for now let's keep it simple, let's stick to Sir." I replied. "What about punishments?" she asked shyly. "Given you are new to this, we'll keep the punishment light. Hmmm you're going to need a name" I said, "But I already have a name," she stated. "Not yet you don't, you have to earn your name. I think we'll call you pet. What do you think? asking her opinion. She answered, " I like it, it's not derogitory but it also takes away my identity. " I was relieved she was happy with pet, because some will use names like slut, whore, ect ect, and that just isn't me to use those names.

"So for your first exercise, take that spoon in your hand and bend over the couch." She looked at me as if I'd lost my mind. "Now come on, you said you were ready." "I thought you were going to do things to me" She asked. "I am, now bend over the couch with your spoon in hand. I want you to strike your bottom with it, lightly, and tell me what color it is to you. *Smack* Green . Green what? oh yeah, Green sir. "Alright now try a little bit harder in a different spot and tell me the color..." *smack* Green . "Ahem" I spoke, with that taking the spoon from her hand, and whapped her gently on the bottom, "that's Green Sir," I reminded. "Oh yeah sorry forgot," She apologized. Now try it a bit harder, *smack* "oooo" she cooed. "Too hard?" I asked. "No, just stung a little bit, but not in a bad way" More of this went on as she got into a rythem , I could see her little bottom starting to become rosy red from all of her playing. I saw as she got comfortable, as she would bring down the spoon upon her skin, watching her body tense, as the sensation rippled out from the impact point, watching her relax and get into a rythem while I coached, She couldn't help but notice that my shorts were becoming less and less comfortable as she continued to play. "Wow My skin feels so alive, I've never felt to connected to my body before, I wish I'd found this sooner, I wish I'd found you sooner, I never knew it was supposed to be like this ," she said.

That makes you hot doesn't it, pet? "yes" she cooed almost embarassed. Do you like smacking your bottom for master? "she hesitated a moment and said,"Yes I like to be seen by master" That's a good pet. as your reward, I see you've been eyeing something, would you like to have it? "Oh yes" , she almost yelped as I smacked her bottom lightly.... Oh yes what? ..... "Oh yes Master"
I presented myself and she lowered my shorts and my member sprang free, it was as solid as it has ever been, it had been such a pleasure teaching this young girl. She moved quickly towards my cock, I stopped her, telling her, You have to ask for it pet. "Please may I suck your cock, master," she begged. Oh come on, make me believe it pet, or I'll have to put it away.... as I teasingly pulled up my shorts with a smirk, " Oh please let me suck on your cock, I gotta have that in my mouth, Master, please don't put it away" Alright pet, if you really want it that bad, you've done very good for your first lesson, you may have it..... and with that, she almost dove upon it, taking it all the way into her mouth, I may not be the next porn star, but it's fairly big around and decently long and she gobbled it up in one swallow, I couldn't help but let out a moan as she sucked at it like she was taking her last breath. I thought to myself, as she sucked long and deep, caressing the edges as she went. I was trying my best to keep my composure and remain unmoving, but she brought out the desire in me, I reached down and ran my fingers into her hair, gently grabbing a fistful , and pressed her head against me. She bobbed up for a second between strokes and said, "Oh yeah, fuck my mouth, fuck pet's mouth" It was that feeling, that feeling at the base of my engorged swollen member, it was hot, and pulsing, with her talking to me that way brought me close to release as fast as I ever have, she saw my reaction and began sucking harder, and when I was about to release, she took it out of her mouth and stroked it with her hands until I exploded all over her perky breasts. She had cum dripping from head to waist, wearing nothing but the biggest grin I've yet to see duplicated, I have to admit it was difficult to stand, It was then I knew I had awoken her .......

more to cum later.

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